Gabriel  Tick
est. 1985

Hamilton's Pharmacopeia


Hamilton's Pharmecopeia

Title Sequense

The title sequence uses pen and ink-style illustration to capture Morris’ expeditions to exotic locations and consuming mind-altering drugs. Inspired by 60s psychedelic comics — and combining cel, 2D, and 3D animation — the title sequence creates a journey from a clandestine facility, to the jungles of Madagascar, through mushroom fields to Hamilton’s own lab. It captures the many facets of drug use and production in a disorientingly seamless narrative.

Winner of the Silver Clio Award for Main Title.

Featured on Art of the Title

Produced at VICE Visual Studios 

Animation Director - Gabriel Tick
Cel Animation - Harry Teitelman, Barbra Benas, Tim Beckhardt, Magnus Atom
2D Animation - Gabriel Tick, Mieka Jewett, Magnus Atom, Luke Maroldi
3D Animation - Gabriel Tick, Luke Maroldi
Storyboards - Mieka Jewett

Produced at VICE Visual Studio


Production Art