Gabriel  Tick
est. 1985

hamilton's pharmacopeia


Hamilton's Pharmecopeia

Title Sequense

Direction Illustration and Animation

The title sequence uses pen and ink-style illustration to capture Morris’ expeditions to exotic locations and consuming mind-altering drugs. Inspired by 60s psychedelic comics — and combining cel, 2D, and 3D animation — the title sequence creates a journey from a clandestine facility, to the jungles of Madagascar, through mushroom fields to Hamilton’s own lab. It captures the many facets of drug use and production in a disorientingly seamless narrative.

Winner of the Silver Clio Award for Main Title.

Featured on Art of the Title

Produced at VICE Visual Studios 


Executive Design Director Matt Schoen
Art Director Gabriel Tick, Annie Rosen
Animation Director Gabriel Tick, Harry Teitelman
Cel Animation Harry Teitelman, Barbra Benas, Tim Beckhardt, Magnus Atom
2D Animation Gabriel Tick, Mieka Jewett, Magnus Atom, Luke Maroldi
3D Animation Gabriel Tick, Luke Maroldi
Storyboards Mieka Jewett

Produced at VICE Visual Studio

Production Art